Services: Right Way Music Group offers a variety of services for the client in today’s challenging and constantly changing marketplace.

Team Building: The core of our service is creating custom teams to promote your record to radio. Right Way will analyze your project and determine the proper format to work to radio. This is a critical step in the process as building a proper plan starts with recognizing the correct format to create maximum exposure. Once the format is agreed upon, Right Way will build a custom team to work your project to that specific format. The ability to have “format specialists” increases the opportunity to have success with your project. The principals have worked with a vast number of promotion specialists over the years and know those who are the best in their formats. Right Way has already created several teams that have been in place with great success and that experience of working together is already paying dividends for current clients.

Set Up: The next phase of the project is to create the overall plan for your project. We will create a custom plan that ensures that the project is presented to the market in a proper way. We will work with the client in designing the CD single to be serviced to radio; set up your Digital Distribution via our relationships and deals with DMDS and PlayMPE and work with the client in scheduling the release date to ensure it ties in with other marketing elements of the overall plan. Right Way is available to interact with other team members the client may have in place to work on the timing and creative issues.

Budgeting: The key to success with any project is to create a proper budget and Right Way will work with the client to ensure the correct budget is developed. We will negotiate all costs with the format specialists and also provide the additional budget items needed to ensure success. Right Way’s experience ensures that all the critical components of a campaign are covered in the budget. Right Way also has relationships with all the key vendors needed for any project and will negotiate the best possible rates for the client. Right Way will present a line item budget for approval by the client.

Execution: The most critical part of any campaign is the execution of a well thought out game plan. The Right Way principals are involved with each campaign as part of the team so that expertise is utilized on behalf of the client. The Right Way principals are involved in the following ways:

(1) We are active participants in calling radio on a weekly basis.

(2) We provide the team and the client with updated radio tracking on a daily basis through our relationship with Mediabase and provide that information as part of the overall fee for the campaign.

(3) We provide constant communication to the team and the client with all updates on the progress of the project.

(4) We provide a weekly conference call to the team and the client to ensure that all the goals of the project are being achieved.

(5) We provide weekly recaps to the client as to the progress of the project which includes specific airplay information.

(6) We provide daily access to the principals via Phone or E-MAIL to discuss any aspect of the project.

(7) We will interact with all of the other team members outside of the radio team such as press; sales; marketing; on-line members. We will create a custom e-mail distribution list to ensure that all participants in the project are updated on a timely basis.

The name of our company is also our Mission Statement: We do things the Right Way and the client will always know every aspect of what is happening with their project.

Consulting: There will be times that a full radio plan is not yet ready to be implemented with your project. Right Way offers the client the opportunity to work with us in building the right plan through our consulting services. Right Way will work with the client on a retainer basis to help build the right game plan for your artist. Right Way feels strongly that many times simply advising on what NOT to do can pay for the consulting services many times over. The market today is changing rapidly and the client needs an advocate to ensure that your plan is designed with the current realities in mind.

Referrals: Right Way Music Group has its focus in the Pop, Hot A/C , and A/C world. We feel strongly that we should only work in the format areas where we have current strength. Over the course of years we have built relationships with other companies who specialize in the formats we do not. Right Way can offer a referral to another company on your behalf. We will make sure the needs of the client match what the referral company can deliver. Right Way will assist in the process by making sure the referral company is interested in the project prior to bringing the client in the loop so you are assured of that company’s commitment. We would then “make the introduction” for the client and advise you as to the potential fees that the referral company would be asking for. Right Way can also be involved with the referral company if the client desires as a “Quarterback” to ensure that your project is a priority with the referral company. Right Way would ensure that all the communication as outlined above would be provided even though Right Way itself is not the main Team working your project.

Right Way also has extensive relationships with companies outside the world of radio promotion. Right Way can offer referrals to companies that can assist in Sales; Marketing; On-line Marketing; Publicity; and Touring.

Fees: Right Way will work with the client on a Fee structure for the various services provided.