SUMMER 2012: Right Way Music Group Update June 2012: Summer in the San Fernando Valley can get very hot … like 115 degrees hot. On the Jersey Shore it gets hot … and humid!!! Like the weather, Right Way Music Group is hot for the summer … Bob in LA and Jimmy at the Jersey Shore ... with a fantastic collection of music we are proud to be promoting for the Summer of 2012!! Here, in no particular order, is our Starting Line Up for the Summer Season.


Margo Rey…Between Us is her 3rd charting AC single under the direction of Right Way and our AC team.

Camryn…Set the Night on Fire is her breakthrough single at Top 40…now approaching Top 50 national airplay…just completed dates with One Direction.

Smashmouth…Magic will be a summer anthem at AC radio…Impacting in Mid-July.

Kimberley Locke…Finally Free will be her return to success at Dance Radio and The Clubs.

D.Nozzle…Facebook Yourself is becoming a viral sensation with the Breakup Song for The Social Media Generation.

Chris Weaver Band…Standing in Line will be impacting AAA radio in mid-July with a great heartland track.

Manika…Good Girls is her second charting Top 40 track and she is the opening act on the entire One Direction tour.

Salvador Santana… Into The Light is his debut single for HAC radio as a new Santana legacy begins.

Breaking Laces…The new tracks show tremendous growth and look for a new single for AAA and Modern Rock this summer.

Erin Bowan…Problem is starting to break out in key markets and her station visits are making new friends everywhere.

We love our starting line-up. The world of Independent Music is in great shape and Right Way Music Group is proud to be working with all these great artists.

PS…Check out our video page for current videos by these artists and some other Right Way clients.


Right Way Music Group Winter Update: It’s hard to believe that 2011 is winding down but with the end of year comes a significant anniversary for Right Way. It was three years ago last December that Jimmy and I took a leap of faith and began Right Way Music Group. We believed that our many years of experience would benefit our clients in a business that was, and still is, undergoing massive change. We named it Right Way as a mission statement and to never forget there is only one way to do things…The Right Way!!!

We owe a great debt to all our clients these past three years and we feel like those partnerships have benefited everyone involved. As we prepare for Year Four, it feels like the best is yet to come. We will be announcing some new strategic partnerships and hope to take existing client projects to the next level. Of course, the thrill of a new client and the potential of each new project also motivate us every day. We are thankful to all those we work with and look forward to a banner 2012.

At Right Way, the trifecta is a brilliant artist; a motivated client; and the resources to build and manage a long term campaign. We are most fortunate to have found that with Margo Rey and Organica Music Group. Over the last six months we have been working closely with Margo and Organica and the result is a Top 20 Mainstream AC single with “Let the Rain” and now we are closing the year with her holiday single “This Holiday Night” ready to climb the charts. This year has basically been a set up for her mass breakthrough in 2012 with a follow-up single and release of her new album. Head on over to our video page for a live video of Margo at radio and see just how great she is live. Margo is a Breast Cancer survivor and she was kind enough to create a PSA for radio that received wide use:

The long term story of Katrina and Red Red Records continues as this year has seen several success stories for Katrina. Her single, “Shame on Me” was a chart hit at Hot AC Radio; then crossed over to Top 25 success on the Radio & Records Indicator Chart; and was just added to 20 on 20 on SiriusXM which guarantees massive national exposure. In addition, her dance release, “OPM”, was a Top 25 Dance hit with a campaign run by Right Way(we do all formats!!!). To cap off the year, Katrina’s rendition of “Santa Baby” is being added to holiday playlists at AC Radio. As we approach the New Year, we are preparing her next single, “So Eden”, for Hot AC Radio which will ensure the continuation of this fantastic artist development campaign. In addition, Red Red Records, has signed the legendary band Pablo Cruise, and released a new live CD/DVD package. We will be working this to Classic Hits and Mainstream AC Radio. Check out the live video of their classic “ Love Will Find A Way”:

One of the most successful projects we have had at Right Way is working with Jared Lee. This kid is a star!!! A Right Way lead team made amazing inroads with Jared and his single, “It’s Over (Goodbye)”. We are proud of the fact we took an Independent label artist and charted him on the R&R BDS Chart at number 40!!! There are only a handful of Independent artists that achieve charting status and we did it. We are also just as proud of our joint efforts in getting Jared into radio to do acoustic performances. We did over 25 visits and those visits will set him up for a long term career. Here is an example of Jared at radio at the BING LOUNGE at KBFF in Portland:

Alicia Witt is best known for her work in TV and film, but she also has a music career she has been developing over the years with constant touring. She has built a great fan base and now we are taking her music to radio. At Right Way we have a Discovery Campaign that allows us to work with new artists and make sure there music is presented to the world of radio in the proper manner and then generate feedback to help us determine a bigger picture campaign. This is market research in an effective manner and allows us to work with artists like Alicia who juggle multiple careers. We are proud to have Alicia as our first Discovery Campaign. Her video for “Anyway” has been on our video page for some time …check out a compelling song and video at this link:

At Right Way we owe a lot to our friend John Weston who runs the Street Pulse Group. It was John who steered us to Epitaph Records and our big success with Michael Franti. When John called about a new artist he was working with, we were all ears!! Erin Bowman is a dynamic new artist from NJ (home of Jimmy and where I grew up) so we are especially excited about her debut single, “Problem”. So far the radio feedback is spectacular with early Beyonce comparisons. Check out her You Tube page and watch the evolution of an artist that will be a factor in 2012.

Breaking Laces continue to do it the Right Way: Constant touring and numerous radio visits are creating a solid foundation for the band. After much success at Modern Rock radio with “God In Training” including a big performance at the WEND/Charlotte Halloween Show, the band is now making serious inroads at AAA radio with several cuts off the album. The BL management team is taking the long term…keep ‘em on the road approach…and the dividends are paying off. Check out the band from a live performance at WEND:

At Right Way, we are fortunate to have an amazing friend in Nashville named Eddie Mascolo. Eddie is an old friend from the RCA days and he is really the “music mayor of Nashville”. He is kind enough to refer projects to Right Way and the latest is an incredible artist named Jefferson Grizzard. This is a name you will all know in the coming year as he is a songwriter and performer of exceptional talent. He reminds us of the great singer/songwriters of when we grew up…he has a lot to say…and says it well. We have partnered with our pals JB Brenner and Jeff Appleton and are beginning the process of taking Jefferson’s music to the world of radio.

At Right Way it’s not always just the music. I had the great pleasure to meet and work with the legendary Kosh at the beginning of the Katrina project. Over the year, our relationship has developed into a wonderful friendship. This is the man that designed so many of the classic album covers that sit in my vinyl collection including Abbey Road; Who’s Next; and Hotel California. Right Way has been working with Kosh, and his partner Susan, to let the world know of his accomplishments. Through Right Way, Kosh has now completed two My Turn shows on The Sound here in Los Angeles. The “book” on Kosh is in the works and with Right Way’s help we will be helping with radio promotion for the book. We will also be working with the book’s author on other projects….more to come on this but again, the Right Way connections can be utilized in many ways.

Finally, I had the privilege of representing Right Way at Cal State Fullerton on a Music Business panel run by ETC there. ETC, Entertainment & Tourism Club, allows kids in their program access to real world music professionals and I was honored to be part of a great panel with many industry friends.

Dear Mr. Catania

It was a pleasure meeting you at our Music and Recording Industry Panel. Thank you for taking time out your schedule to inspire and encourage our members who have an interest working in the music industry. I know that your time is very valuable thus; your participation in our panel is greatly appreciated. We would be honored to have you attend our future events!

I was especially excited to have you attend ETC's event, since music has always been a passion of mine and a huge part of my life. Your experience with big names in the industry is very cool. I would like to stay in touch and am always open to opportunities such as volunteer work in the music industry. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

All the best, Marissa Calaunan

I have also made a couple of appearances on panels for “Meet Up’s” which also give me the opportunity to interface with up and coming artists and key producers. After 35 years, I have plenty of stories to impart!!!


Right Way Music Group update… August 1st. The past couple of months have been very busy for Jimmy and me as many great projects have found their way to Right Way. We are thrilled to be working with a variety of different clients in a variety of different formats. It requires a lot of shifting gears every day but the quality of music from our clients makes it a smooth ride!! In no particular order:

Jared Lee’s “It’s Over (Goodbye)” is developing a great story at HAC Radio and is a Top 50 track in less than a month. We have Jared visiting radio every week where he is making friends and getting new airplay. Here is a clip of Jared live at WAJI in Ft Wayne:

For more on Jared:

Margo Rey’s “Let The Rain” is impacting A/C Radio this month and Margo has also been on the road making friends at radio. This single, co-written with John Oates, is already attracting major radio interest. Check out some photos of Margo from her recent radio visits:

Photo #1: With Barbara Bridges and Bryan Sargent from WJXA/Nashville
Photo #2: With Robin Daniels and Danny Howard from WDEF/Chattanooga
Photo #3: Margo & Ron White (Margo’s Husband) with Kelly McCoy of WSB/Atlanta
Look for more photos from the road at

Katrina…This long time Right Way project has hit high gear with two singles in play: OPM, a dance track has debuted on both the DJ Times Crossover Chart and the Billboard Club Play Dance Chart. In addition, her pop single, “Shame On Me” is developing a quick story at the Indicator Top 40 panel. Head over to our video page to check out the video and to keep up with all the Katrina action go to:

Golden State hails from LA and “World On Fire” is breaking at both AAA and Modern Rock radio. There’s so much going on that I am going to let this press release tell the story:

DATE:JULY 29, 2011
GOLDEN STATE frontman James Grundler performing at Hemingway’s Lounge on Tuesday, July 19
Photo Credit: Kali Meadows

Indie rockers GOLDEN STATE have released their debut album DIVISION. The Los Angeles band kicked off release week with a celebration, performing the album in its entirety to a packed house at Hemingway’s Lounge in Hollywood. The album is available now at all digital retailers including iTunes:

Building upon the momentum from the successful CD release show, frontman JAMES GRUNDLER continued release week with two TV appearances Thursday, July 21. GRUNDLER started off the day with an acoustic performance and interview at nationally syndicated BETA RECORDS TV. The segment will appear in the upcoming season kicking off late August, exact air date to be determined. For a list of where and when the show airs, visit:

Immediately following BETA RECORDS TV, GRUNDLER headed over for live taping of the new online show THE WEEKLY COMET. He performed two acoustic tracks--“World On Fire” and “Setting Sun”--discussed his former group Paloalto, working with Rick Rubin, the inspiration behind his songs and answered a few fan questions. The show can be seen here:

GOLDEN STATE frontman James Grundler with The Weekly Comet hosts Jonathan McHugh and Tamara Conniff

On the radio front, DIVISION continues to impact Triple A and Modern Rock specialty formats. “World On Fire” debuted at #188 on FMQB’s Top 200 Triple A chart and this week jumped up to #143. The anthemic track is getting played on key stations in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Knoxville and most notably KCSN in Los Angeles. On the Modern Rock specialty side, the album lands in the Top 10 on the influential KKBB (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) chart with the single coming in at #9.

Renowned Los Angeles alternative rock station KROQ is also getting behind the band, spinning “World On Fire” during this week’s Sunday night “Locals Only” show and booking GOLDEN STATE for their “Locals Only” showcase Thursday, August 11 at The Roxy Theatre on The Sunset Strip.

Breaking Laces…This is another dual format threat from Right Way. The lead track, “God In Training” has been a Top 10 Specialty Show track and is now making waves at Modern Rock radio. The debut album, “When You Find Out” is also full of great tracks for AAA Radio and we will be impacting that format in September. For more BL go to:

Manika’s debut single “Just Can’t Let You Go” is rapidly moving up the Top 40 Charts. The single features Lil Twist: Watch the video here: For more information:

Kimberley Locke…I can’t say how happy I am to be working with Kim again. We had great success together at Curb with “8th World Wonder.” Kim now has her own company, I Am Entertainment” and an upcoming daytime TV show on ABC…The Revolution. Music is still key and a new single, “Finally Free” will be at radio soon. Her new EP, “Four For The Floor” was just released. Check it out at

For Right Way, it’s a busy summer with hits that will be with us for the rest of 2011.


MAY 2011: I was watching Sports Center yesterday and noticed scores for Baseball; Basketball; Hockey; and NFL Draft news. At that moment it occurred to me that it was already May and I am way behind in my Right Way update. The past few months have been exciting times for Right Way as Jimmy and I have been involved in three really significant Independent Label Projects.

The story of “The Big Bang” is one of a brilliant record that continues to prove it is one of the sleeper hits of the year. As of our last posting, the single was beginning to make some inroads at Top 40 Radio. I am happy to report that those “inroads” made it into the Top 50 of the format. Those “inroads” sold us over 250,000 Downloads and drove the video views to over 6 million!!!! We had a lot of great Top 40 support but special mention goes to Sirius XM Hits 1 who played this over 850 times and to the fine folks at WIXX in Green Bay who played this over 1100 times!!! Tim James…aka…ROCKMAFIA…made his radio live performance debut in a special event for WIXX listeners. Head over to our video page to see the live video…over 90,000 people have already viewed it. So…great story, right? We are not done yet…Jimmy, aka Right Way east; is bringing the video into VH1 week after week to try to secure airplay. A fateful call comes one day asking about the song’s availability for a new show they are going to air. In short order, The Big Bang by ROCKMAFIA is the theme song for Mob Wives, the hot new reality show on VH1. The video gets added to VH1 and is their #1 most played video in a matter of weeks. The weekly sales spike…5000 units to 13,000 units to over 20,000 units and closing in on 300,000 total sold!!! Look for a new chapter of radio as HAC radio gets ready to be serviced with “The Big Bang”.

At Right Way, we love challenges. Let’s take a brand new artist on a brand new label and make a Major Impact at HAC Radio. That is exactly what we did with Katrina, the debut artist on Red Red Records!!! Right Way Music Group assembled a veteran radio promotion team who engaged the format with her single, “Shame on Me”. The plan was simple: Utilize Katrina with visits to key radio stations in selected markets to generate interest in the single and let programmers get to know her personally. As Katrina hit the road she won over programmer after programmer with her acoustic performances and personal engagement with everyone she met at the stations. The word spread quickly about Katrina and her calendar filled quickly with visits and airplay that followed. A visit to her website> chronicles all the visits with pictures and videos of her performances. We have had many highlights along the way including a long run as the #1 song on The Clear Channel HAC New Artist to Watch Chart; making it to #2 Most Played on the Mediabase Independent Airplay Chart (we got stuck behind the Mumford & Sons success!!!); and brought “Shame On Me” into the national Top 50 of HAC airplay, actually peaking at #46!!! At this writing, Katrina continues her visits and performances with radio including an opening slot for One Eskimo for Y101 in Fresno and will be part of the KLLY/Bakersfield show at Magic Mountain for Grad Night. You can check out the video for “Shame on Me” on our video page now.

It’s always great to work with a band that has had a song that really “defines” a format. “Wasting My Time” by Default was one of those songs!!! The song had an audience reach of over 350 Million Listeners!!! So, when Right Way was asked to be part of the campaign for their new single, “Supposed To Be” we jumped at the opportunity. A big part of the campaign was to have Dallas and Jeremy from the band work the West Coast and do station visits and lounges in addition to a performance at this year’s Live In the Vineyard concert. Right Way west, aka Bob, had the privilege to be with the guys and set up visits to Dial-Global and KRUZ in Santa Barbara. The guys just killed it in studio playing a selection of their hits. Dallas may be the most “effortless” singer I have ever seen…he opens his mouth and the songs just BOOM!!! He can even belt out the hits while checking the Canucks score on his blackberry (TRUE STORY). I also got to see an incredible performance as the band headlined a Hard Rock Hollywood show for MY FM. The result of all this hard work is a song that worked its way to #43 in the world of HAC radio. Check out their live video on our video page.

As we move into May, we are in the process of setting up several new projects and preparing to go into Phase 2 of existing projects. I promise to not wait until the World Series for the next update.


JANUARY 2011: As I sit here to write this update I am struck by the fact that January 2011 will start year #3 for Right Way Music Group. In November of 2008 my partner, Jimmy Fay, and I had an idea about a different kind of Promotion Company…one that does things…well, The Right Way. We started our first project in January of 2009 with our friends at INO Records and have not looked back!!! We have been blessed to work with amazing clients and artists over the past two years and are proud of the success stories we have been a part of. We also want to thank our many strategic promotion and marketing partners who have contributed to the success stories we have enjoyed. The ability to create the right team around each project enables Right Way to always provide the best possible game plan for our clients. A special thanks to my partner, Jimmy Fay, who keeps me grounded when things get hectic. His insights on our projects are of incredible value to our clients and always ensure we are on the right path.

The New Year begins with several great projects from Right Way. We are introducing new acts to the marketplace and re-introducing some older acts with new projects.

Over the past few months, Right Way has been working with an incredible group of executives in putting together a new label with a total focus on artist development. The label is called Red Red Records and the first artist is named Katrina. The label founders represent an amazing level of experience: CEO George Woolverton is one of the most successful and prominent lawyers in the State of California and is the architect of this new venture. He brought in Grammy Award winning producer Val Gary to produce the debut album from Katrina and to also serve as President of the label. Val then reached out to John Kosh to serve as Creative Director of the label. Kosh is a legend in creative circles having served as Creative Director of Apple Records and creating some of the most iconic album covers of all time. This trio of executives then engaged Right Way to build the marketing structure of the label. A distribution deal for Red Red will be announced in January. The first release comes from Katrina and her single is now shipping to Hot A/C radio for January impact. The album, “In The Blink of An Eye” will be scheduled in the first quarter. The single is called “Shame On Me” and is already creating a buzz at radio due to early promotional visits to radio where programmers were treated to acoustic performances by Katrina and her co-writer, Bonnie Hayes. Much more on Katrina and Red Red in future updates.
Right Way has also been at the beginning stages of yet another company called 5280 Media. We have worked with long time friends Jeff Pringle and Lennon Murphy as they have been developing a new artist named Camryn. Artist development is once again the case here as the songs; imaging; and foundation set up have been in the works for over a year. The first single called “Wait & See” shipped to Top 40 radio earlier this month for Impact in January. We have already seen many test spins from programmers searching out new hits for 2011. The video for “Wait & See” was just completed and will give us another tool in developing Camryn at radio this coming year. You can check out the video on the Right Way video page.
If there is a theme to Right Way, it’s working closely with new labels that believe in artist development. We have worked with RMR Music Group since we started with Right Way. We had success with Fallbrooke and have been providing assistance on the BeachGirl5 project which just scored a Top 20 Club Hit. Their latest project is ROCKMAFIA and a single called “The Big Bang”. The single is the brainchild of RMR partner Tim James and is making huge strides in the marketplace. The single has sold over 60k; the video has been viewed over 2 million times (see it on the Right Way Video page); and now radio is catching hold of The Big Bang. We are already in the Top 70 most played songs at Top 40 radio. Leading the way are SiriusXM Hits 1 with over 55 plays a week and Top 10 airplay and WIXX in Green Bay where the song is now in Power Rotation and inside the Top 5 most played. As we roll into , The Big Bang is poised to be a breakout hit for the entire Top 40 panel.

We are excited to be working with our friend Sky Daniels who runs promotion at Fontana. He has had great success there since becoming their first head of promotion. We had the pleasure to work with him on a Hedley project that helped set up their current success. We will now be working with him on the new single from Default called “Supposed To Be”. Default is one of those amazing bands that have had more success than you think. Since the band started, they have received over 2.5 Billion audience impressions making them one of the most recognizable bands at radio. This new track was written by the band along with superstar writers Marti Fredericksen and Bob Marlette and was produced by Nickelback producer Joey Moi(with an assist from Chad Kroger). The track is already receiving great response at Hot A/C Radio and will be impacting in January.

A few other things to look out for: Our friends in Craving Lucy start the New Year with a major NY showcase on January 15th; are finishing a new track for radio impact; and will part of an exciting new venture that is being rolled out now. Check out
this link for a short teaser of what is to come.

Our friends at Fanatic Records are continuing their development of Red Wanting Blue. We began the process of radio with many success stories with “Where You Wanna Go” and the label is preparing their next single called “You Are My Las Vegas” which fans and radio have been asking for along their tour. This looks to be the break out year for RWB.

As always, we have many other projects in line at Right Way with some great music coming from some old friends and new artists as well. At Right Way, we look forward to a great 3rd/span> year for us and a great year for all our clients.

Finally, be sure to check out our Right Way video page. We have links to many of the videos mentioned here.


NOVEMBER 2010: At Right Way Music Group we like to give our clients a one-two punch!!! The folks at Clear Channel have a fantastic on line program called NEW Artist to Watch. Right Way has built a great relationship with NEW and have had many of our clients featured in the program, most notably, Craving Lucy. The program generates exposure for the artist on a platform of over 750 web sites!!! It is massive exposure.

Once in the program listens are tabulated within each format and a chart of the most listened to tracks is then tabulated on an ongoing basis. First of all, let me note that three of our clients were added to the program this month: Red Wanting Blue and Serial Thrillers in the Adult format and Jet Black Berries in the Rock format. In just one week we got our one-two punch as “Where You Wanna Go” by Red Wanting Blue was #1 on the chart and “So Beautiful” from Serial Thrillers was #2!!! Over on the Rock side, “God With A Gun” from Jet Black Berries was at #2. At Right Way, we work with great clients who have compelling music…we look for all avenues of exposure…and then the music delivers!!!

Jet Black Berries come from Rochester and enjoyed success back in the late 90’s. The band went their separate ways but a reunion opportunity brought the core of the band back together with a dynamic new singer. Right Way has put together a targeted campaign for exposure and the results so far indicate great potential for JBB. As noted, the NEW program has shown great acceptance of the track but radio is also responding in a big way. WBJB, a powerhouse AAA station in New Jersey added this right way as did Rock station WPXC in Cape Cod. We have already had test spins in markets such as Atlanta; Seattle; Charlotte and last week was featured on WRXP in New York City. The reaction at radio is showing great long term />

Mike Pastore is a great friend of Right Way as manager of Craving Lucy. We have done great things with the band with much airplay success with “Therapy” and “Changes”. Mike reached out a few months ago about another New England band he had come across called Serial Thrillers. We were presented with about 15 amazing tracks that the band had recorded. We put the Right Way “ears” to the task of listening to all the great music and discovered a real gem among many great songs: “So Beautiful.” We worked with Mike and Serial Thriller principal Paul Ortolano and prepared this track for HAC radio. The response has been fantastic with early key New Music Show spins; the #2 showing on NEW; and early airplay adds at several key stations. The song is a programmer fave and we look for big action as the 4th quarter develops.

On the Craving Lucy front, Right Way has set up a very unique partnership with the band with a graphics novel company and we are close to having an unbelievable graphic novel featuring the band released soon. More in next update but note that Right Way continues to push the boundaries for our clients and finds unique avenues of exposure.

Peter Himmelman continues to amaze. Right Way’s Bob Catania worked with Peter back in the 80’s while at Island Records. All these years later and Peter is still making music that fans and radio love. We have partnered with our good friend JB Brenner and are enjoying much success with The Mystery & The Hum album. In just a few weeks we are Top 75 on the FMQB Non-comm chart with over 15 stations on it plus getting rotation at WXRT/Chicago and WMMM/Madison. The Loft on Sirius/XM is featuring five tracks. At Right Way we pride ourselves on a full commitment to the needs of our clients…not just radio airplay. Peter informed us of a quick run of east coast dates and wondered if we could find some “opportunities” around those dates. We set up the following: An on air interview at legendary AAA station WFUV; a live performance for WBJB that will serve as the station’s main music event for the 4th quarter; a Loft Sessions to be recorded in Washington DC; and a live on air interview and performance on WXPN. Great artists and a company with great long term radio relationships create great opportunities.

Red Wanting Blue, of #1 NEW action, continues to play sold out dates across the country and win new fans at radio. We now have a solid group of stations supporting “Where You Wanna Go” but this week we have a big breakthrough with our first major market coming on board with WLTJ in Pittsburgh. Not only are they adding the song but we will be working with them on a special download promotion. This program is very selective and we are honored to be part of the campaign. The band rolls into Pittsburgh in a few weeks so we get to really “market” RWB in a big way with a key station. Their video is now getting added all over the country and with an MLB.Com feature coming the band’s visibility will only grow.

Right Way has been working with RMR since our inception. Fallbrooke was our first collaboration and then we worked with them on BeachGirl5, who are now signed to Hollywood in a deal with RMR. One of the “special” projects that RMR has been working on is a track called “The Big Bang”. It has taken shape over the past few months under the direction of Paul Palmer and his partners at RMR. The accomplishments of the RMR team are too vast to go into here but there most current success is Sick Puppies who are enjoying multi format success at this time. “The Big Bang” is a product of ROCKMAFIA who are the musicians; writers; and producers of RMR. A video to accompany the track will be released soon and stars Miley Cyrus. This will generate huge exposure for this compelling track. Look for the video on our site in the next few weeks.

As always, Right Way has many projects coming. We are working with a new artist named Katrina who is being produced by Grammy winning producer Val Garay. We have two superstar acts preparing new projects that Right Way will be working with and several projects in the planning stages so look for continued updates.

Finally, be sure to check out our Right Way video page. We have links to many of the videos mentioned here.


OCTOBER 2010: At Right Way Music Group we love our friends in Radio. Radio is without a doubt our most important partner in developing the artists we work for. However, every once and awhile, we get a nice break and TV comes along to support our efforts at Radio. Right Way spent several months working with Red Bull records and their band, Black Gold.


We worked their track, “Shine” to radio and had a good amount of success. After all the months of exposure the song came to the attention of the folks at “So You Think You Can Dance”. The song was featured every week as the “exit song” for each contestant that was voted off the show. The visibility was great but for the Season Finale, the band got to perform live on the show to their millions of viewers. Here is a link to that performance.

The result of that performance was a staggering 1000% sales increase; an explosion on their Social Media sites; and top 50 sales on I-Tunes Alternative singles chart. Right Way is thrilled to see our client band get the massive national recognition they deserve.

In the same week, another Right Way client, Scott Grimes, had his new video debut on Entertainment Tonight. Scott is a multi-talented artist. He is well known for his acting work on ER; Party of Five; Band of Brothers; the recent Robin Hood movie with Russell Crowe; and the voice of Steve Smith on American Dad. He is also a great musician and had a major hit a few years back with a song called “Sunset Blvd.” Scott has just released his new album called “Drive” and the lead single called “Hide”. Scott came up with a unique idea for the video: He asked fans and friends to video themselves lip syncing the song and send to him for use in the video. The result was overwhelming!!! One of his friends happens to be Russell Crowe who sent video of himself and his kids singing along. That got the attention of ET and a world premiere of the video. Here is the teaser spot for the exclusive.

Scott’s song continues to make headway at radio and a big highlight was a special acoustic performance at KRUZ in Santa Barbara on their What’s New show. The performance was taped and two songs are up on You Tube (video recording and editing courtesy of Alex Silver, stepson of Right Way principal Bob Catania). Here is the link.

Right Way Music Group loves working with the legends!!! In the history of British Rock there is none bigger than Gary Wright. Gary was the leader of the seminal rock band Spooky Tooth and the exploded into solo stardom with his massive worldwide hit, “Dream Weaver”. Gary was also a close friend with The Beatles and did an incredible amount of work on the various Beatle solo projects. This year he released his first new collection of new material in many years with the album “Connected”. This album and single, “Satisfied” received tremendous acclaim and showed Gary as a still vital artist. Gary also was part of this summer sold out Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band tour. Right Way teamed our pals Rob Evanoff at 1888 Media and Larry Harris to promote Gary’s new CD to Classic Rock radio. We had interviews along the whole tour plus several appearances on Breakfast with the Beatles programs. It is honor to be working with an artist whose vinyl albums still are a big part of your collection.

At his years at Island Records, Right Way’s Bob Catania worked with and became friends with Peter Himmelman. Peter released a series of brilliant albums that received much airplay. In the ensuing years Peter expanded his talents with more albums; kid’s albums; TV scores and theme songs; artwork; and an Internet Radio show called The Furious World. This is one diverse and talented artist. Through the magic of Facebook, Peter and Bob reconnected and after several months of talk, Right Way is thrilled to be working with Peter once again to promote his new release called “The Mystery and The Hum”. This is another classic album from Peter and features an incredible new track called “Good Luck Charm”. The record is shipping for a fall release and we expect this new release to put Peter back on the radio in a big way.

Right Way has been working with Craving Lucy since we started the company. The first single we worked, “Therapy” ended up as a #1 track on Sirius/XM’s Octane and had tremendous support from many rock outlets. The band’s new single, “Changes” is picking up right where “Therapy” had its success. “Changes” has made it to #2 Most Played on Clear Channels’ I Heart Radio program. In addition we were a NEW Music Monday pick and added to their Digital Channel. The song is on two Rock channels on Yahoo Music; been featured on Hard drive; being programmed on Music Choice; a download feature on AOL Music; in addition to full time radio support on WGIR, WZBH, and WIER. WAAF in Worcester just had the band on their highly rated Bay State Rock program and the band played to a large crowd at the Boston Hard Rock. The artist development of Craving Lucy under the guidance of Right way has come a long way in a short time. We can’t help but think a smart major label will be knocking at their door very soon.

TThere are so many great bands out there that tour and tour and make great records but have not yet made the move to radio. At Right Way we love when a band comes to us with a great foundation; a great record; and a committed label partner. We have found that with Red Wanting Blue and Fanatic Records. RWB have put out several albums in the last few years and have made a major commitment to building a fan base through touring. Their new single “Where You Wanna Go” from the just released “These Magnificent Miles” CD, which has sold over 4000 copies already to their fan base, will be the vehicle to break them at radio. The single is shipping for a September radio impact.

At Right Way there are always several projects “in the works”. We are proud of the quality and diversity of all the projects our clients bring to us. Our current group and the pending projects continue in the same vein as />


JULY 2010: At Right Way Music Group we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best possible guidance on setting up projects and then helping to execute the game plan for maximum success. In 2009 we were proud to be involved from the early days on the Michael Franti campaign for Say Hey (I Love You) which ended up becoming a massive hit.

The biggest hits sometimes take the longest to develop and we were involved with that for over six months. At the same time we began setting up a project for management that we felt would be a massive hit once the label was able to get behind it in a big way. That song was Bulletproof by LaRoux and almost a year after we started set up work, Interscope has made Bulletproof a Top 10 hit!!! We are so happy to see this fantastic track have the success it deserves and proud that we played a part early on in the project. By the way: Michael has a great new single out now on Capitol and the LaRoux album is loaded with hits so these hits are leading to hit careers as well.


INO Records was our first client with MercyMe. This year we had the privilege to work with another artist on their roster, Jonny Diaz. His single “More Beautiful You” was a monster Christian radio hit and Right Way and our A/C team ended up having Top 25 success at A/C radio with this track. The song showed amazing endurance and stayed on the chart for over three months. Jonny is an artist that will be a force in the next year. INO has just released a new MercyMe album called “The Generous Mr. Lovewell” that debuted at #3 in the country. It is a “thematic” album and a brilliant record cut for cut. Right Way principal Bob Catania (that’s me) is in love with the title cut that sounds like the best ELO single in years but we are looking at a track called “Back To You” as the single for HAC and A/C radio.


Right Way is happy to say that our work with Red Bull Records created a great foundation for Black Gold. Their song “Shine” was a Top 45 HAC Chart record with big success most places it got airplay. At Right Way it’s not just about the airplay it’s also about artist development and the Right Way HAC team also had the band visit and perform in over 25 stations along their tour. The band made friends at every station and have ensured that their next radio track will be a high priority at those stations. A major tour with Rooney is coming and Right Way will be supporting those dates.

Bob Schneider is an artist who has built an amazing following the old fashioned way…one show at a time. The Right Way team went to see Bob at the legendary Troubadour to see what a Bob show was all about. We were not prepared for the insanity!!! The club was packed to the rafters (literally) with a crowd that sang along to every song over a two hour set. Bob is passionate; a rocker; and as witty and funny an artist I have ever seen. He is now breaking new radio boundaries with is song “40 Dogs (Like Romeo and Juliet). Right Way is working along with Kirtland Records and has taken this song from its base at AAA Radio and now has charted it at HAC Radio. This is a whole new audience for Bob and the fans of HAC are now experiencing what the AAA audience has known for years.

Several months ago Right Way principal Bob Catania got a call about an artist that needed some help with a project. The artist was Rachelle Spector, wife of the legendary Phil Spector. At the meeting Bob heard the record that Rachelle had recorded with Phil a couple of years back. The record was very strong but there was no infrastructure to support the project in any way. Right Way not only works radio but can build a team to work with the needs of the client. We sent out the music; had some meetings; and within a few weeks Right Way built an executive team to support the project. We brought in sales; social media and on line; publicity; and GM support to develop the project along with Right Way to handle radio. The result: a distribution deal with a June release date; press and TV coverage about to begin; a total on line campaign; and the single, “Here In My Heart” one of the most added records at A/C radio in its first week at Radio.

At Right Way we love working and developing new artists but throw in a legend and we are OK with that as well. Melissa Etheridge is artist that has a long history with Right Way as Bob Catania was the Head of Promotion at Island when her debut album came out. All these years later and Melissa is STILL delivering amazing and current music. The Right Way HAC team has been working in tandem with Leopold Management and Island Records on her latest release “Fearless Love”. The single has been a Top 25 success at HAC radio and within just a few weeks of release to A/C radio, is already Top 25 there. The album debuted at #7 nationally and is closing in on 100k sold in less than a month. There is a massive summer tour coming and the next single, “The Wanting of You” will make this her biggest project in many years. Melissa was kind enough to do some interviews with Rick Dees and Dial-Global that Right Way set up and she remains the fantastic down to earth person she was when she started and gave us all chills when she sang acoustic. The legend continues.

A labor of love for Right way has been New England based Craving Lucy. Last year we had some good success with a track called “Therapy” and some great rock outlets. In fact, at Sirius/XM station “Octane”, Therapy has been an “A” rotation song and has now been played over 800 times…one of their biggest hits!!! The band just recorded a new track called “Changes” and within a few days of release was added to WGIR; Music Choice; and Yahoo Music where John Lenac said this record was a smash!!! Our friends at Hard Drive will be supporting and Octane will start playing once “Therapy” runs its course. Right Way has been working with the band and management and even with limited resources we are building a platform for this band that is sure to lead to label interest and a big future.

Brooke White came to attention through her work on American Idol but has since begun to develop a strong career outside of AI. Her current single is called “Change” and is a feature track on the soundtrack for “Secrets of the Mountain” which was a major TV special. The soundtrack has been an incredible success and was produced by Randy Jackson. This track is Brooke’s second for A/C radio and is now a charting track as A/C radio embraces the single in a big way.


American Idol artists seem to find a home at Right Way. Norman Gentle made headlines on Idol a couple of years ago with performances that made him a household name and a favorite of the judges. Norman is now signed to a new label called Young Pals Records International and will unleash his tribute to Simon Cowell called “Brit Slap”. The press and media attention on this track is overwhelming and is already selling like crazy on I-Tunes and Amazon. The season finale will have some surprises by Norman and Right Way has set up radio to take advantage of this exposure. After “Brit Slap” comes “Bitch Slap” with a non-Simon themed track to keep Norman in the minds of radio.

We have a series of other projects in development right now. Our projects take a little longer to come to market because we work with our clients for as long as it takes to make sure when we release the records it’s done the RIGHT WAY.


MARCH 2010: The New Year is off to a great start for Right Way Music Group and their clients. We already have two Charting records as Melissa Etheridge returns to the Hot A/C Charts with her new single Fearless Love. Right Way principal Bob Catania was there with Melissa back when she was first introduced to radio back in 1987 so to see her on the charts again in 2010 is testament to a brilliant artist who continues to make relevant music for the audience today.

Right Way Music Group has worked with the staff of INO Records since we started the company. MercyMe was our first client and had a Top 15 A/C hit with Finally Home. While working that single we were introduced to another INO artist by the name of Jonny Diaz. His song, More Beautiful You , made an instant impact on us and we began to lobby INO to take this song to radio. INO made this a massive Christian Radio Hit with over 135 Million Impressions and then handed it off to Right Way and our A/C team. We are happy to report that A/C Radio is embracing this track in a big way and More Beautiful You is now also developing as a Chart Hit on the A/C Chart. The song has sold over 100,000 downloads and Industry Research leader Hit Predictor already shows this a Top 3 researching track.

Black Gold is the first band to be released via Red Bull Records. Yes, Red Bull is in the music business and with an incredible band. Right Way spent several months working with the label on a release game plan and decided that the track “Shine” was a natural for radio. Right Way put together our Hot A/C & AAA teams and serviced Shine to those formats. We sent the band on an extensive promotional tour and the band has been winning fans and radio airplay right away. Check out photos from the visits. The band is now on a cross country tour and Shine is now working its way up the charts.

Bob Schneider has been a huge live act for many years with a fanatical following. Bob has enjoyed success at radio in the past but his new track 40 Dogs (Like Romeo & Juliet) is on track to be his breakout hit. This was already a Top 15 Hit at AAA Radio and is ready to cross over to HAC in early March. Right Way experienced Bob mania at The Troubadour last week and the sold out crowd showed that Bob is on the verge of his biggest success to date.

S.O.L.E. Fresh are about to hit Radio with their debut single, I Don’t Want To Grow Up. Produced by Platinum Producer Mannie Fresh, Leonardo Jonze & Knoxx St. Peter have created a pop/hip hop project with humor and big hooks. The band has already built a great following on line and this single will bring the boys into the world of radio.

Superstar from David May now has over 1.7 million views on You Tube and Dance Radio is now coming on board. Check out the video on our Video page and see why this is creating a buzz at radio.

Ambrose is a story of the little guy making it in the world of major labels. All I Ever Wanted was added to Sirius Hits 1 weekend show after much work by his radio consultant, Bill Hons. After a few weeks this song was in the Top 3 Most Requested records. This action was enough to make it a full time add on Sirius Hits 1 and is now Top 20 airplay. Right Way is proud to be part of the team that will be taking this song to the next level. The Ambrose video is featured on our Video Page.

Back in early 2009, Right Way started working with Craving Lucy, a rock band from New England. The song we released is called Therapy and it had a nice chart run. However, a few stations stayed with the song and we are now over 500 spins strong on Sirius XM/Octane and Top 10 airplay at WGIR in Manchester and WHEB in Portsmouth. The band is working on new material but be sure to check out the Therapy video as well. We continue to be a Top 40 Mainstream Rock airplay record for almost a year now.

2010 is off to a big start at Right Way Music Group with more on the way.


JANUARY 2010: Right Way Music Group, founded by industry veterans Bob Catania and Jimmy Fay, celebrated its one year anniversary in January. Right Way started business last December with a stated goal of providing promotion and marketing guidance to its clients “the Right Way”.

Over the course of 2009 Right Way worked with over twenty different clients and helped to create strategic game plans and launch successful radio campaigns for its clients. INO Records was the first Right Way client with MercyMe and SVP of Promotion Dan Michaels had this to say about Right Way: “Right Way Music Group deliver on the hits!!! Professional, experienced, and with key relationships at radio I have great confidence in entrusting our artists in the care of Right Way. They shoot straight, work hard, and keep a solid line of communication in their development and execution of a radio plan. They deliver and I will work with them any chance I have.” xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx One of the major success stories of 2009 was the success of Say Hey (I Love You) by Michael Franti and Spearhead. The project began with Epitaph Records and Right Way was involved in the initial campaign. “Without Right Way the Michael Franti project would never have gotten off the ground at Hot A/C and Top 40. Jimmy and Bob are passionate, organized, and enjoyable to work with. We can’t wait for our next project together.” Krystal Robbins and Tami Morrissey…Epitaph Records. The Say Hey single moved to Universal Republic and ended up Top 7 at Hot A/C and Top 20 at Pop Radio.

Right Way also worked with key management companies this year such as Leopold Management and Turner Nichols. Ed Mascolo at Turner Nichols noted, “Right Way did an outstanding job for us on Rascal Flatts and continue to follow up months later. The team that Right Way put together was first class.” Right Way was part of the Eric Hutchinson campaign for Leopold Management and will start the New Year working on the new Melissa Etheridge campaign. Right Way Music Group had major success in 2009 in setting up and executing game plans for RMR Music Group headed by legendary manager Paul Palmer and new rock band, Craving Lucy.

Right Way spearheaded a major Top 40 campaign for Fallbrooke that resulted in significant airplay at Top 40 and also set up major radio station visits that created major opportunities for the band. Craving Lucy ended the year with Top 10 airplay at three key rock stations and looks to start 2010 with new momentum at radio. Right Way also worked closely with Disney Sound to begin the radio development for their new band KSM. Right Way Music Group is proud of its work for all their clients and a complete list of all their clients can be found in the Client Section of the web site. Right Way Music Group is already working on several new projects for 2010 including new projects from INO; Epitaph; Red Bull Records; Kirtland Records; ABKCO; E1 Entertainment and Leopold Management.